Anyone who is health conscious would love this. Amla is rich in vitamin C and serves as a best anti oxidant, it is a natural source of Iron and enhances immunity, strengthens liver. Amla supports in relieving constipation and reduces acidity. Amla is the best in relieving menstrual cramping and is an excellent blood builder. Amla boosts HB formation and controls anemia.

A taste with a pinch of bitterness is its uniqueness. The product does not contain sugar or honey but only pure Amla powder which has 100 percent health benefits. It prevents problems that are caused through tuberculosis, diabetes, constipation, blood pressure. Intake of Amla powder daily build up a healthy body.

  • Benefits

    • Best Anti Diabetic
    • Blood Purifier
    • Anti Inflammatory
    • Rich in Vitamin C and Anti Oxidant
    • Regulates Constipation
    • Excellent Diuretic
  • Nutrition Facts Per 100g

    • Nil
    • 2.47%
    • 70.68%
    • 293Kcal
    • 30.94mg
    • 13.50%
  • Available

    100g, 250g, 500g