It helps in destroying the germs present in the intestine highly recommended for diabetes. Bitter gourd juices cure various disorders relating to blood.

It can also improve glucose tolerance in blood. The juice kills various micro organisms in the blood and digestive system and improves stamina. Bitter gourd juice is also a powerhouse of energy. Bitter gourd juice is highly beneficial for treating blood disorders like blood boils and itching due to toxemia. For diseases like cholera and jaundice, the patients are advised to drink at least two teaspoons of bitter gourd juice every day.

  • The charantin compound and plant insulin helps keep blood glucose level low in diabetics
  • 15,16 dihydroxy- a- eleostearic acid are acid for blood related ailments, anemia etc
  • Good source of folate for anemia
  • Increases body's resistance against infection
  • The bitter gourd juice has excellent medicinal properties.
  • Benefits

    • Anthelmintic Tonic
    • Anti bilious
    • Anti Diabetic Syrup
    • Digestive Stimulant
    • Laxative and skin care
  • Nutrition Facts Per 100g

    • Nil
    • 0.3%
    • 4.13%
    • 17Kcal.
    • 38.7mg
    • 15ppm
  • Available