Bael soaked in honey. It is a unique product which has the goodness of honey and the flavor of bael. Honey bael gives goodness once consumed. The yogi’s where surprised by bael and used it for health and divine wellness. Bael has high medicinal values, which treats problems caused due to body heat, ulcer, insomnia and nerve related problems. It regulates the metabolism, purifies the blood, reduces acidity, acts as a colon cleanser, brings a healthy shine to skin, eyes and hair, increases vitality, enhances protein synthesis and flushes out toxins. Best for sexual weakness and psychogenic impotence as well. It is a must in everyone’s home and should be used every day.

  • Benefits

    • Stimulates Cellular Metabolism and Immune System.
    • Digestive Supplement
    • Softens Ulcer
    • Controls Bowel Disorder
    • Stimulates Brain Functions
    • Weight Gaining Supplement
    • Best for Sexual Weakness and Psychogenic
    • Impotence as well.
  • Nutrition Facts Per 100g

    • 0.10%
    • 0.82%
    • 88.33%
    • 556Kcal.
    • 0.28%
  • Available

    50g, 100g, 250g, 500g