A new taste. The nutrients in this helps for strengthening and growth of bones and flesh, it also helps in attaining healthy and glowing skin, hair growth, sharp vision, and cools down the body and enables clear thinking. Amla is rich in vitamin C and serves as a best anti oxidant, it is a natural source of Iron and enhances immunity, strengthens liver. Amla is the best in relieving menstrual cramping and is an excellent blood builder. It prevents from stomach problems and tastelessness as it contains, pepper, cumin which has high medicinal values.

It increases the secretion of the saliva in the mouth and therefore helps in digestion, and avoids excess acidity form being formed. The spicy and tasty Amla candy is very suitable for digestion, and it has to be consumed everyday for a healthy life.

  • Benefits

    • Purifies blood and regulates the metabolism
    • Acts has a brilliant colon cleanser
    • Healthy shine to eyes, skin and hair
    • Increase in protein synthesis and eliminates out toxins
    • Boosts vitality
    • Weight management
    • Enhance digestion
    • Appetizer
    • Controls kapha
  • Nutrition Facts Per 100g

    • Nil
    • 0.65%
    • 72.16%
    • 291Kcal.
    • 119.52mg
    • 13.50%
  • Available

    50g, 100g, 250g, 500g