The specialty of Amla now along with good aroma. Protects health and is a fun way to conclude a meal.It serves as a good mouth refresher and gives good odor after taking meals. As smokers and drinkers use Pan, Supari, Chewing gum to avoid the bad odor, it poses a threat to their health and also spoils our surroundings. Instead of using these hazardous things, Amla mouth freshener, can be used. It is also good for mouth, gums and teeth, as the taste and smell of it, makes you feel refreshed and active. Amla mouth freshener is a must in our day to day life for healthy lifestyle.

  • Benefits

    • Refreshes Mouth and Mind
    • Digestion Supplement
    • Regulates Gastric Secretion
    • Reduces Acidity
    • Best care for Gums, Tongue and Teeth
    • Increases Saliva
    • Richest in Vitamin C
    • and Anti Oxidant
  • Nutrition Facts Per 100g

    • 1.33%
    • 1.79%
    • 90.62%
    • 382Kcal
    • 30.94mg
  • Available

    50g, 100g, 250g, 500g