A dry and delicious product of Amla. Suitable snack anytime, anywhere and for anyone. It doesn’t have moisture, non greasy, tasty and can also be a good snack to school going children instead of giving them junk food like chips and chocolates for the break time. Amla Candy is valued very high among Fruits and medicinal herbs because of its multi-benefits, but it could not be consumed fresh because of it pungent and non - palatable taste. The amla candy is dehydrated segments of amla processed in sugar and cardamom. It is an excellent appetizer and helps to regulate the metabolism rate of the human body. The immunity power of Amla keeps children healthy and active all day through.

  • Benefits

    • Rich in Vitamin C & Anti Oxidant
    • Reduces Gastritis
    • Eases Stomach Disorder
    • Controls Nausea
    • Reduces Biliousness
    • Controls Cough & cold
    • Cell rejuvenator
  • Nutrition Facts Per 100g

    • Nil
    • 0.62%
    • 79.20%
    • 319Kcal.
    • 30.94mg
  • Available

    50g, 100g, 250g, 500g