Health Basket Slim Fit Juice brings proteins and minerals present in obese-control natural products.

Do you wish to be healthy,in shape and fit?

Include Health Basket Slim Fit Juice in your diet to burn excess fat in a healthy way and to achieve a slim and fit physic.

To burn up excess fat in your body and prevent the accumulation of fat in specific parts of the body, consume Health Basket’s Slim Fit Juice. It helps to maintain weight and keeps you healthy.

  • Benefits

    • Controls overweight and obesity
    • Makes the body lighter and fit
    • Optimizes hemoglobin level
    • Helps weight reduction without hormonal imbalance
    • Prevents loss of vigor and strength
    • Keeps body weight in control without any side effects
    • Prevents iron and calcium deficiency
    • Releases energy by stimulating cellular metabolism
  • Nutrition Facts Per 100g

    • 15.96Kcal
    • 3.73g
    • 0.26g
    • 44.60mg
    • 8.59mg
    • 3.77mg
  • Available